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(FBM-981) CD
51:49 min.

Desolation Sound/ Eldorado/ Silver Dollars (she wore)/ El Nino/ Maeve/ Betrayed/ The Hitch/ Hells Gate/ Sahara/ Barracuda/ The Moon Under Water/ Queen of Diamonds/ Seattle/ Rikki

Now on Youtube on The Falcons Music Channel:
Queen of Diamonds and Desolation Sound in concert,
plus Hells Gate (alternate lead guitar version)


From the bottom of my heart, I am glad The Falcons have produced such a beautiful album.
Yuzo Sasaki, GUITAR GRAPHIC, Japan

The Falcons sound mixes the energy of The Ventures with the twangy atmosphere of The Shadows. For fans of instrumental rock this will be an essential purchase.

Queen Of Diamonds, from the Canadian twangsters, THE FALCONS, with two "Bonus Tracks", Seattle and Rikki, featuring legendary VENTURES' guitarist Nokie Edwards, covers the entire instro rock genre, from surf, frat rock and the perennial spaghetti western themes. Recorded "live off the floor" early sixties style with distance miking and double-tracked lead guitars, using vintage tube amps, spring reverb and Eccofonic tape echo, this collection pays tribute to the group's musical roots in the Pacific Northwest sound, the home turf of THE VENTURES themselves. Even the CD album cover utilises a photo concept pioneered by THE VENTURES during the early sixties. And of course, "Bonus" track Seattle is THE VENTURES hometown, and musically traces the Pacific Northwest sound from where it all started. Although not swamped with the surf sound, there is enough to keep even the most hardened gremmie happy. After all, most people not familiar with "surf music" automatically think of THE VENTURES as a surf band. However, as their product and these 14 tunes from a group of musicians who know their sound well, they and Queen Of Diamonds were/are much more. The Big K's faves (so far) are Silver Dollars (she wore), The Moon Under Water and Seattle.
Stephen McParland, IT, The Australian Record Collectors Magazine

Any instro combo that's gonna quote from the 13th Floor Elevators right off the bat is gonna score big with me. The Falcons fondly display the classic, clear-ringing guitar of past greats like The Ventures and Duane Eddy, while also embracing a more ethereal and breathy tone, reminiscent of Mark Knopfler guitar stylings. They seem to like hanging out in the old west rather than at the beach, too, with tracks like "Eldorado" and "El Nino". However, what really sets them apart from the pack is the way they flesh the tunes out: They give them time to breathe instead of making them all high-octane bursts of reverb. Heck, they even use a water stick on "Hell's Gate". And for the cherry on top, two bonus cuts feature original Ventures guitarist Nokie Edwards.
CHART Magazine, Canada

In this excellent album, The Falcons are better than ever!
Sergio Nascimento, INSTRUMENTAL NEWSLETTER, Brazil

Superb. Indispensable.
Jean Bachelerie, GUITARS & DRUMS, France

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  Queen of Diamonds

14 original Falcons' instros - featuring 2 tunes with guest Nokie Edwards of The Ventures. Liner notes by Pipeline Instrumental Review editors Alan Taylor & Dave Burke. PIPELINE Album of the Year for 1998.

Available from iTunes, Amazon and more

"Queen of Diamonds must be the most eagerly awaited debut instrumental album since The Shadows LP in 1961..."
  - from the liner notes by Alan Taylor & Dave Burke, PIPELINE

Mike Beddoes and Nokie Edwards
Mike Beddoes with Nokie Edwards of
The Ventures. Photo: Judy Edwards


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