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Falcon Beach Music is an independent Canadian music publisher and record label, founded in Vancouver in 1992, and dedicated to instrumental rock music.

How do we get that signature Falconesque sound?

  • By recording, mixing, and mastering in analogue using 50s and 60s recording techniques - distance mic-ing, natural room acoustics, and double tracking - and effects like spring reverb and tape echo, and...

  • By recording live off the floor - with real musicians, playing the same song at the same time in the same room - to capture The Falcons live in performance.

Falcon Beach Music is a member of SOCAN, CMRRA, MROC, and CONNECT (RE:SOUND).  We offer "one-stop" film, television, and new media synchronization rights clearance for our catalogue of more than 40 published original Falcons' tunes. Please contact us with your request.



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